Friday, July 20, 2012

Ramadhan al-Mubarak is coming...

I am so happy and very eager waiting for the month to come. So happy because Allah let me live until now and will be able to perform the fast tomorrow. I have heard 2 of my acquaintances had passed away just before the Ramadhan. When will my turn come? Thinking about that makes me worry. I still haven't done much getting ready to face Allah. So, I am really happy Ramadhan is here. I am thinking to make use all the time I have during this month to be close to Allah. I will take all the opportunities to ask for forgiveness from Him.

I took leave today. I spent most of my time sleeping because I have been working so hard last few weeks. I played with Aurora, cooked and slept again. Feel relived to be away from office.

To all..please forgive me if I have done any wrong to you. Lets begin the fasting month with clean starting so we can perform our duty to Allah better.


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