Sunday, July 8, 2012

My love is 21 months old...

This is the baby.."anak ayah". very close to her dad..sometimes I felt neglected. The way she clings to my hubby..kisses his hand, his face..really jealous!

Aurora Johanna..
She has spoken her first word..that is "mak"...yeaaaaa...I succeded. I won..she called me first rather than "ayah". was a memorable one. Because of that winning, my husband owes me a treat. I am so happy.."anak ayah" alright..however deep inside I am still important to her. I was worried before because I have been busy with work..neglecting her a bit. I am sorry my love. I will make it up later.

Till then..



  1. Glad to hear that...her first word was Mak, yay!

  2. Thank too very happy...yaaaayyyy
    Mengarut betul I ni yer LW..tu pun happy bebenor..
    Macam baru dapat mengorat pakwe handsome jer gayanya...kuikui

  3. she supposed to call my name first...ha haa haaa...
    anak anyway still akan panggil nama mak first, sorry ayah, better luck next time...:)