Thursday, October 4, 2012


I have been thirsty for many days already. I drink a lot of water but still not enough. Never before I ordered two glasses of ice-lemon tea and finished both. This was the first time. I don't know what has happened to my body but I need water..I drink in the office canteen, I bought several bottles of mineral water to spare in my room..I even carry water bottles from home. However,I don't really want to eat. I have lost my appetite. Like this morning I skipped breakfast..but I drank a lot. Even that much water goes inside my body, still my lips cracked and bleed. The sign of lacking fluid but how come?

Last night around 11 o'clock I called up my brother who is flying today from Senai Airport together with his wife performing Hajj. I spoke normal at first but when I was asking for his forgiveness before his departure, I broke up..I cried. He too was trying hard to control his emotion but all of us, brother n sisters, can't help but to remember our mother who went to Mecca 12  years ago and passed away there..never come back. And now it his turn to go. To  have the chance to see her grave there but most important to perform Hajj, a must act as a Muslim..the fifth pillar of Islam. I asked him to pray for me and my husband to be given a chance to go there soon. Asked him to pray for my happiness and my children's success in their exams which are around the corner.

I hanged up the phone still sobbing and all night long I could not sleep well, thinking about him and my mother.

Dear brother, Muhd Azahari and wife Sis June..go and accept Allah's invitation to visit His home with much humble thought and gratitude ...and please come home safely with Haji Mabrur..I am so happy for both of you because clearly you are chosen..


  1. Salam AATW,
    Regarding the thirsty..its like a sympton..i guess u know abt it.. but then pls drink a lot of water because water is a key to a healthy life.
    Yeahh i can imagine how does your feeling when u talked to your brother...about your mother (Alfatihah) whos went there to met HIM and never came back..Allah Maya Mengetahui..

  2. Tq Lady..but I still do not know why I feel thirsty..

  3. Ok..i will inform u later..maybe via email..