Monday, October 8, 2012

To my dearest are Two Years Old..

The birthday 2 years
In ayah's arms..laughing.

Two days ago we celebrated Aurora's second birthday...just a simple cake to mark the day. My love, you have been with us for two most memorable years of our lives. Since you were in my womb, you have been loved dearly...and even more cherished every day since you came into my hand 6 Oct 2010. There is no word to describe how much you bring happiness into my life. I feel I am blessed every time I hug you. I could never thank Allah enough for giving me you, grant you health and blessing us... your mum, dad, sister and brother... a chance to enjoy your existence. May this happiness last forever..

We could not celebrate Aurora's birthdays with a party or presents. My son could not come back last week end and my elder daughter is on her last minute preparation for the PMR, starting tomorrow. We will do some thing to celebrate her birthday right after the exam is over and when the brother comes back.

My heart beats extra faster because my two children are sitting for their exams. I pray hard for their success. I could only pray. The rest is up to them.


  1. Happy birthday to Aurora!
    Good luck to Am and Ayuni!
    And may Allah bless u and your family in all the way...Amin!

    Ill ask Net to visit u and Aurora soon...:)