Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Year end mood..

So luv

 Time fast I could not believe that the year is reaching the end soon. The office has caught the busy mood swing..including me. However, somehow I managed to sit down quietly sometimes during the day and think.. My mind went wild..and one of the things that came into my mind is am I ready to die? In what way would I die? Illness? What kind? What about my kids? And so on..and so on. Thinking about the age is catching up every day with us...but still we do not do anything serious to prepare for the final day. Hmm..

Well, that was just a thought. Very soon I will celebrate my husband's too. I have thought of the present for him. I will buy it as soon as I  have money. As for my self, I don't expect him to buy anything expensive. We should save money. We have a big plan next year and Am is going to futher his study too.

Got to stop. Aurora wants to sleep. She is restless now.

Till then. Good nite.


  1. Hello Aurora...tidur cute je.
    Am nak further study mana dear?
    Last week I went to Ipoh, tak sempat nak
    buzz u sebab ingat nak buat separate trip
    with net to visit u in Tapah...
    Whatever may Allah bless u and ur family.:)

  2. Hi LW
    Am baru nak sit for SPM. But right after that he will go somewhere. Don't know where yet. I ikut dia jer asal study. Datang la dengan net...ujung tahun ni I free. Tq..May Allah bless u too.