Thursday, January 17, 2013

Coming down..and going away

My friends are coming down from KL..hurayyy..I am so happy. I am really looking forward to meet them. I would like to offer humble apology if my house and my hospitality are not as good as you would have expected my friends, ...I am just a kampong folk. We are just excited that both of you are willing to come over to this rural area. Hope we will have fun and the visit will not be the first and the last. Hehe..

My girl Ayuni has received the offer to go to SM Sains Bagan Datoh. Her teacher called and asked me to check in the net. I went home with mixed feelings...letting her go or asking her to stay and forget the offer. I went to sleep early but later woke up around 3. My husband was also up. We chatted quietly about my feelings...truly, I am not happy. I don't want her to go. The only reason for this...that I will be lonely. I didn't say this to my husband but I guess he could read my feeling. He teased me saying that I will loose a team member..and he gains one ( Idham is at my husband has a chat friend now). When he said this, almost immediately tears began running  down my cheek. I know he was just teasing but I was so sad that Ayuni is going. Nevertheless, I know she is a big girl already..and I will have to let her go. Its for her own good. Even though she will be away for only two years, I realize that my children have started moving out...and later they will be far away from me. And thinking of that idea is  making me even more sad..


  1. u have to let Ayuni go..its for her own good...
    dont be selfish arrrr.. not good, not good..heeee
    Bagan Datoh je pun... bukan jauh benor... come on! :)

    hopefully jadi laa kot pi sana but it depends to LW if she is not assigned to do an assignment on that day...

  2. harap2 jadi both of u datang..kalau plan2 sgt kang x jadi plak
    I know I have to let her go...sedih la net..tu la member nak teman I borak2 sambil masak..abang nya kurang cakap..ayah nye bz sokmo..adiknya...ckp banyak tapi tak paham ..hehehe..

  3. Hahaha adiknya cakap banyak tapi tak faham...
    Esok2 bila aurora dah besar dan baca ni, mesti Dia marah ni zu...hihihi