Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Long way up the north..

My body is aching. My limbs are hurt,  my legs cramped, my head is spinning..and my mind can't stop thinking..

We reached home near 10 p.m last night from Jitra. We started from home around 5 a.m ( I managed to prepared simple breakfast for the kids, packed everything nicely ) and off we go and reached Jitra around 8 a.m. I dozed off once in a while with Aurora sleeping next to me and my husband driving alone, quietly. I went for an interview which I half-heartedly attended..just to follow my boss's order. Whatever happens after this, let the things happen..then I decide. I am too tired to think.

Later after the interview,  we went to Padang Besar. Just jalan-jalan ( jalan-jalan yang menghabiskan my husband said). Quiet true. Hehe..just to realese my stress..

Last weekend when my two friends came all stress had  gone. We chatted and  ate as much as we could..without any guilty feeling..hehe..Now after they went home, the stress come back. Meaning we have to have this makan and chatting session as many time as possible because it managed to relax me.. ( right, Net and LW?)

I do not wish to make any entry about their visit. Actually I feel shy because Net have spoken too high about me and my cooking. I was just too happy they made an effort to come down to my humble home and I am glad that the relationship is stronger and can be realistic even though we first know each other through the Internet. Come again my friends...I am waiting.


  1. apa yang benar kita cakap..nothing to shy laa u!!!

    lepas balik KL, murung jap teringat the happiness masa kat tapah... teringat ada orang lain lagi yang sudi bercakap dgn kami..... dan melayan kami dengan sungguh baik sekali...

    aurora suka dok tengah2 antara kami...bagi mak dia relax kan..heeeee heee

    1. Now you making me sebak la net..masa I pi KL pun u and LW layan kami ngan baik..bukan begitu?

      Aurora suka ada org dotted dia..maklumlah dilayan oleh kakak-kakak yang vogue...makcik2 yang lain dah tua2..hehhe

  2. Salam zu, u deserve to hv our thumbs because u masak dengan penuh kesedapan sama Am dan Ayuni. Dan kami tak akan simply puji kalau ianya so so saja...chewahhh ehh betul ni. Memang I dan Net dok terkenang2 aurora dok tengah2 antara kami. Dia memang serasi dan suka sangat tengok bila dia tunjuk excited pada my camera tu..kawwa katanya...ghope2nya kamera..aduii hehe...
    Thanks a lot for your warm welcome. Yes we will visit u again insyaallah ..