Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Travel again..goodbye Anduk..

Started from last Sunday until yesterday, we traveled to several places. My car was on the move since that day and I think if it could speak, it would scream of fatigue. On Sunday we followed  6 other families of my old office colleagues to spent the holidays at Kamalodge near Bukit Larut Taiping. We spent the day by having lunch at Mak Jah's Mee Udang and dinner at Kuala Gula which is popular with crab dish.The later was not that good and the service was very slow. My husband went out again that night buying food from the fast food restaurant.

After breakfast the next day, Aurora spent nearly two hours in the pond. My husband took her out from the water before she turned blue.  Of course, with a lot of tantrum he managed to pull her out, wrapped her in towel, I hugged her close and fed her with warm milk and then she was okay.

We checked out and went to our separate ways. Me and my family went around the town, had lunch at Doli's Kueyteow. The rest of my friends either did some shopping or went straight home. Later we went to visit my dear friend, Mani, who stays  in Taiping. The night before I called her up asking her whereabouts. She was at home and gave a shocking news. She is down with a stroke. Eye stroke to be exact. She is seeing double visions. Her right eye is having the problem now. I was so sad seeing her like that. Her brother brought her back from Sentul because she is alone there.

We came back  that afternoon. When I reached home, immediately I began to pack Ayuni's bags and things. Everything was packed nicely and to be put into the car the next day, Tuesday, for that day she would register at her new school in Bagan Datoh.

So, yesterday, we started from home at 8 a.m and reached Bagan Datoh two hours later. Finished everything around 4 p.m. And it was the time to say goodbye. All the time I controlled my emotions coz I didn't want to show my sadness to her. We hugged and my voice got stuck in my throat and followed by my tears running down my eyes. The father stayed inside the car, refused to look. He was sad too but I lost control.

All along the way home I cried in the car. My husband failed to console me. I went to bed early, started to miss her in the morning, during my morning cooking session and in the car to go to work. I dropped my neighbour's daughter in Ayuni's old school and when she kissed my hand before going out of the car, immediately my tears dropped again. Truly, I miss my girl Anduk..Even at this moment. It is so hard for me..The older I get, the more I need them around..Somehow I have to bear by day.

I know, Net, I have to..I have to.


  1. yes u have too..
    bertabahlah yer...
    i pun sedih jugak...
    eh makan2 tu mcm best jer... kena pegi nih... next time which tuhan sajer yang tahu bila...
    aah si aurora tu geram i tau... suka nau dia tantrum yer...babap nak? heeeee...

  2. Yer Net, tabah ni tau..(sambil air mata tu tap..tap)..teruk tul tua2 menanggis..
    I know u sedih..but I knoow u will get over it..u r strong
    Bab makan2 ni memang best..mai la dtg sini lg...I bawa u and LW melancong and melencong..hehehe
    Aurora..memang tul. Kalau kita kacau dia sdg dia syok buat sesuatu tu atau x bg apa yg dia nak..jeritan nya, merontanya..eee..geram nak geget..tapi yg bagusnya sekejap jer..senang pujuk la

    Mai dtg lg..Chinese New Year kan getting closer..

  3. Salam zu, want or not, u have to give the permission to her in a way bless her. Eventho I'm not a mother yet but I definitely remember forever and ever my late mom face when I said good bye to her and back to is always mom. Every time concern abt her kids and no matter how old is she, she's always a baby to mom.

    Aahh budak comei tu mandi pool sampai biru biru yer...hehehe memang nak kena geget. O ya I must tell you the orchid that u gave to me, which is I call it cik aurora orchid is already hv a buds...waiting to bloom in a couple weeks I guess...

    1. I understand LW. That's a fact of life..once they were small, we cared for them, be with us all the time..Suddenly, they grow bigger..have a life of their own..and even it is hard, we have to let them go..the fact that is difficult to be swallowed in.

      Aurora jer la teman I sementara Am nunggu SPM. Kalau pas ni Am pegi jugak...entah ler apa jadi kat I. Menung jer kot..

      Siap ada nama orkid cik aurora..hehe...harap2 dia blooming menghias rumah u..memang cantik sebab dia bloom banyak2 sekali gus..dan lama. Cam budak kecik tulah..blooming in my heart.