Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year..

People usually celebrated new year with going out the whole day, enjoy the light of the busy city and watching firework. Some just stay at home like me. I spend the last day of 2010 by doing spring cleaning and scrubbing the toilet sparkling clean. Later cooking curry uncommon dish at my home. My husband is a orthodox Kelantanese where rice is a must in every meal. Well, I cook nasi lemak in the morning and I am tired of eating rice every day.

The curry mee turned out delicious and my hubby ate a lot. I was surprised. He did not say anything..puji jauh sekali..but I know he likes the food when he eats a lot. So it's okay with me because I learn that words are not really important..action is.

Happy New Years to all. May Allah bless us with His compassion and grant us good health so we can perform our duty as His mankind.


  1. sama mcm my ex.. eat alot bila menda tu sedap...

    i tak boleh nak menyorok lama2 laaaa..

    happy new year to you too...

  2. Hi is a relief to know that u are okay. I keep thinking of what had happened to u. Please invite me to see your blog k. thanks