Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The trip to KL

It was a memorable day for us. We had always traveled down to Kl, but last weekend was special. We got trapped several times due to Bersih 3.0 roadblocks but finally managed to get out from KL to down below to Windsor Height.

I finally met in person the two people whom I have communicated through internet..frankly they are beautiful people. What I mean here is they are warm, friendly and my host had done everything to make us feel welcomed. The food is delicious and the parting gifts were fabulous. You are so kind LW and I am scared that I could not do the same to you if you are really coming down to my humble home.

Later we went to Bangi for some errant..then to Gombak to see my in-laws. We finally reached home at 1 o'clock in the morning. Too tired to cook anything special for Am. The father sent him back to his hostel in the evening and the house was quiet with only Aurora making noise playing with her toys.

In short, I was really happy meeting new least I forgot the dreading days going to work this week. Thank you friends..hope to meet you again..soon.



  1. My dear Aurora's Mom,
    I will visit you soon and can't wait for that...and pls do not worry about the hospitality or any related things..thank you so much for visiting me at my dungeon...and that is me..hehe..

    psstt...tak sabar nak naik train...dah lama tak travel balik Ipoh...last time was 3 yrs back..hwaa miss the moment..i mean boleh tengok the scenic view along the way...aurora waiting for auntie yeah!:)

  2. @AATW
    hope to see you soon tooo..after i abis exam so many things i nak buat..
    i ingat u balik on sunday..ohhh mesti penat kan?

    bila nak naik train? nak ikut...
    aurora wait for us yer... belum puas nak sakat dia lagi...

  3. NP,
    I let u know when we come aurora!

  4. Both of you are most welcome. My place is just a small town..not so much excitements..but there are Aurora and us waiting for you..hehe