Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Dreading the day..finally it was over!

Looking at her cute face making me forget every thing...

Since Monday I was busy like mad. My big boss left for a four-day course leaving me to take over. I was supposed to go with him but he asked me to stay back because he did not trust others to take care of the office while he is gone. Tak aci la cam ni boss..I told him but he was adamant..and here I stay. I dread the days when my boss in not in because this week will be one of the most hectic week..beside next week of course. Next week will the final week of preparation before the big event which would take place on 31 March. Yes...the MP will come to officiate an important event. Thank God my boss will be in..otherwise I will surely be the second man..oh no..

So, the pulmonary event has started. It ran smooth even my leg felt like to give away..standing and walking nearly 10 km. Few things which I thought impossible to take place had finally happened. I am so relieved. My boss will surely be happy to see things have started some where.

That irritating person came to me asking to be excused for today's event giving me a lied reason. I knew it was a made up excuse. Let her..if it is actually a lie, Allah will punish her.

Yesterday I spent most of the time running here and there meeting people..buying things and all. I was happy but at the end felt sad. I don't know..but the news breaks my heart. I don't think I can stay here.

 Until then..


  1. i think u have to make a environment me too..:(

  2. sori net..lama tak sgt
    ala event kat tempat keje..menteri besar dtg..

  3. hi lady..
    I haven't move yet...baru nak apply this month..
    I am going to Kl next week..think of seeing u? Is it possible? let me know ok..