Sunday, May 6, 2012

19 love

My Love..Nur Aurora Johanna

I nearly forgot that today marks Aurora 19 month's birthday. She is on lying her small mattress now, her small pillows and her 'selimut bucuk' accompany her watching  tv. The house is quiet, the father is away sending the elder sister for tuition..the brother is in the hostel whom we will visit this afternoon. She is lonely..

She is better now and I am so relieved. The only thing is, she is lacking her appetite to eat. I have been looking for any delicious baby food recipes in the Internet and tried few but they did not really bringing back her mood to eat. I will continue looking and trying.

19 months already. I am enjoying every single moment she is with me. While driving coming back from work,I would smile alone thinking about her waiting for me at home. I am sorry if my statements of loving Aurora so much sounds so pathetic but I can't help falling in love with her every day.

The day I went to scan for the first time I was sceptical. My husband didn't even have the confidence that the fetus would have the heartbeat. Twice miscarriages before the third pregnancy making us ready to hear the bad new..that there would be no heartbeat, that I would loose the fetus..again. My husband waited outside, while I was inside the scan room. I shut my eyes tightly, refused to look at the screen...then Doctor Anim said " Look, the heartbeat is here." pointing at the flicking  image on the  screen. Yes, there were the eyes watered and the tears dropped on my cheek. Thank You Allah...thank you. Then the doctor asked the nurse to call my husband in. He came in..pale looking..and when he saw the beat..and when the doctor told him that the fetus would survive, he was speechless. However, in the car I saw his eyes were red. He too was crying..relieved..

Now, the fetus had turned into a baby..cute little one..changed our whole world...making us the happiest parents in the universe.. all because of You, Allah. Thank You so much.



  1. She's not even brings u a joy but to all who's surrounding her too...good gal Aurora!

  2. Thanks LW. I am grateful..and happy that you and others could enjoy this miracle child..

  3. Salam kenal..

    ALHAMDULLILAH atas kurniaan ALLAH..

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    1. tq are welcome to enjoy her too