Saturday, May 5, 2012

Fever and never ending story...

RV with cream cheese
The day before she got fever..still smiling
Hurry..pick me up..pleaseee
My love..fever
I let her go with only her diapers on..a bit okay now

It has been quite long time I did not write. I was very busy with Aurora having fever and cough ( it was like the third world war erupted in the house every time we had to give her medicine..crying and wailing..struggling to make sure the liquid gets in her small mouth). She whimpered and wanted to be carried everywhere. I was also busy with last minute orders, and busy with my own ailment..cough..a month already. I went to the doc asking for antibiotic and a different cough syrup. Then following my cleaner lady's advice, I also took a spoonful of soy sauce, drops of lime juice and some honey mixture. I am better now. Thank God.

Aurora is thinner. She is lacking appetite to eat..pity her. Luckily, she still drinks her milk so I am not that worried. But I miss her chatter..her sweet smile..I hope she will get better as I don't want her to loose so much weight.

My ex colleagues have been contacting me..and reporting to me the never ending stories of my previous boss. Frankly, I have lost words. It would be the same miserable story all the time. I wonder how long would my friends could stand having a non-human boss orders them every time. They wanted to talk to me so I will make myself free next Tuesday. I can't do much. I can just listen. After all, I truly understand when people are sad they just want a friend to listen. That's what I will do.


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