Monday, May 21, 2012


My husband got a late call that Saturday night. Thought that it was just another crank call (unknown number), he ignored it. He went out early to the car workshop to fix the car lower arms cause it caused the tyres to be unstable and sounded funny every time the car hit potholes. At the workshop he received another call. This time he picked up the phone. His mother passed away..late the night before. He couldn't move because the car was still needed to be fixed. He called his friend and that noon he traveled back to Kelantan. He could not bring us along coz he wanted to go home as fast as he could and children would make  it impossible.

However, they couldn't wait for him. They had buried his mother that noon itself. He missed to see her for the last time. I could not say was a sad moment of his life. Al-Fatihah for my mother-in-law.



  1. Sorry to hear that..alfatihah to her too...

  2. should i say or not?
    he supposed to answer the call..doesnt matter whether its a crank call or not...

    when my father passed away 4 years ago, i tak sempat nak tengok wajahnya for the last time... my BIL said masa ni dalam kereta on the way back, he said, patutnya masa hiduplah tengok puas2 supaya kalau tak sempat suatu hari nanti, tak akan rasa kempunan... i dengar mcm a bit harsh tapi i realised kebenaran mum pulak tak nak biarkan jenazah bapa lama2 kat rumah...
    ni i cakap bukan untuk siapa, tapi untuk diri sendiri jugak..

    apapun takziah to your hubby... and feel sorry for him...

    1. yer la net..i nak jer cakap gitu kat dia cuma tak mau tambah garam kat luka hati dia..pengajaran padanya la..jgn ignore call..banyak kali gak I tegur dia pasal ni..but bukan nak dengar..I selalu pesan sapalah nak cal kita tengah2 malam kan..mesti ada hal tu..lain la kalau kita ni artis popular ker apa ker..well..dah jadi mcm tu..what can I say more..