Sunday, February 10, 2013

A woman's lamenting..

Last Thursday night my sister and me went to visit my cousin's wife who is said to be really ill. She has lung cancer, the same ailment like Cik Nor ( my ex baby sitter).  We arrived at the house around 6.30 p.m. To our surprise, she was not at home. My cousin and his eldest daughter who were there told us that she went out to the mosque? Out? I was a bit  shocked and skeptical. She was supposed to just came out from the ICU and the next day was out alone, driving, I the mosque? And the husband was not really sure where she was. And I could see that they were inventing stories of her whereabouts because they seemed restless.

My cousin excused himself because he wanted to get ready to go to mosque for Maghrib prayer. I was amazed because he didn't say a word about going out to SEARCH for the missing wife. What a shocking behaviour. He was not worried of the safetiness of the wife, driving alone and she herself was not well. After he went out, we spoke to the daughter. We had heard the not-so-nice stories about my cousin's various affairs with other ladies but that afternoon I saw with my own eyes how thoughtless, cruel, inconsiderate a man can be when he is having an affair with other cruel, inconsiderate and stupid ladies.

The wife was sick, been sick for so long and now suffering mental torture because of his 'fun rides' with other ladies. Where does he put his heart..his mind? What irritates me most is, he hides his 'criminal acts' by portraying himself as 'alim' man..going to the mosque almost every nights, wearing an innocent mask to others. However, with his wife he is a monster.

I felt ashamed with the wife. After all, the husband was my cousin, one of the most respectable person in my family. So, that afternoon, all four of us cried (me, my sister, her daughter and her ). We felt her pain. But she is the one who has to go through the most painful 'illness' in any woman's life...when your husband is having an affair.

I hope Allah would give her strenght...and to the husband resentment. He has done too much harms.


  1. Only for a while LW..the pains prolong..

  2. Salam,
    Arwah kawan saya menghadapi situasi yang sama ...cancer dan ke curangan suami.tengah nazak boleh sisuami minta permission utk kawin lain.Berat sunggoh penanggungannya hingga akhir nyawa.Suami dia pun tak senang mana skrg ni.Susah memanjang.

  3. Wsalam Mokjadeandell
    Tq for stopping by. Pedih hati melihat isteri teraniya mcm tu. Tak tergambar dek akal bgmana sayunya hati your friend tengah nazak diminta permission. Macamlah tak boleh tunggu..teruk betul that man.

  4. eeee sakit hati pulak baca...sakit hati kerana attitude so called husband tu...isteri sakit dia lagi buat perangai mcm *&^%$#