Friday, February 22, 2013

Going home..and Anduk..

I miss this girl... a lot.

Lecture will finish by 4.15 today. I have finished packing and within one hour my husband will start his journey here to come and fetch me home. I am excited but not too much because I have two more weeks to go. And the most critical part is after the lectures, the work..a lot of work follow me home. Thinking about that making me tired...headache.

I sent messages to my boss everyday, simple note to show how I feel sad for him..that I understand him..that I am too his friend not just his second man. That's all I can do.I have never been that close to him except during working hours. We seldom make a call or sms each other except in emergency cases. He respects my privacy and I too respect his. True, he talks to me almost all the time..I am closer to him than any other male officers there. However, when it comes to our private lifes, he is very respectful. I admire this attitude.

I just hope that he is fine. And the family is fine too.

I am thinking about girl. It is almost a month already but still she sounds sad every time she calls me. I promised her if she is still unable to cope with the hostel life, can't get along with the way her teachers are teaching, she can come back home..for good. Forget about boarding school and all. However, now, especially after the death of my boss's wife, I seriously think that family is number one and the happiness of each family member is substantial.

If I pull her out from the boarding school, it is not because of her asking me to, but I want her to be happy. It is my make sure everyone is happy. She wants to be home because she is happy with me and others, so it is very cruel of me to cut off her happiness just to satisfy my wish to send her to the school. However, if she wants to stay there, I accept. I will talk about it to my husband later.

Till then..


  1. kalau dia tak happy, balik lah... apa lah yang boleh kita buat... cuma berharap supaya one day dia tak menyesal bila terpaksa melaluinya sekali lagi..

    u please take care....

    1. Yes Net..what to do? But I have asked her to wait a little longer. At least another month.

      Actually I am very tired. Physically and mentally. I wish this course ends as soon as possible. I just want to go back to normal life. Going to work..come back, cooking or baking..entahlah I am just too old for this..I don't have any higher ambition..I like being I am now.