Sunday, February 10, 2013

Places to go,,,and Aurora turns 28 months old

Here I would like to upload several photos of our many journeys.Some done during the school holidays and  some had taken place just recently. Aurora was the model in almost every single photo taken. Here they are.

Our journey to Penang during the school holidays...Aurora felt odd the first time touching the sand..but only the  first few seconds..hehhe..

The view from our the view from here.

The next journey...Genting Highlands. The view from the cable car. It was like going into the oblivion..the twilight zone...eerie.

Even Aurora was uneasy. Clearly she was scared.

It was very cold there plus raining and the freezing wind blew hard.

Idham wanted to try the game. He screamed...hehehe. He commented that his heart was beating hard until it nearly drop.

After sending LW and Net at the train station we went shopping at TI and later went to Bagan learn the road because the week after that we went again to send Ayuni to SABDA. I love the view.

The first time going there she was smiling..and later when staying there she changes her mind.
The next journey- Kuala the river.

Aurora at Masjid Ubuddiah Kuala Kangsar.

The next trip...She was sleeping soundly in the journey to Padang Besar. 
The journey to Padang Besar. It sure was hot there. It was a long drive but I love to see the hills, the clouds and the horizon meet.

The latest family trip to Taiping..Kuala Sepetang. While waiting for the Mee Udang Mak Jah's to start business, we went to this Hutan Bakau Pelajaran. for a walk. Nice, but if I am alone..upah RM 100 pun I won't go in. Scary..

This is the famous Mee Udang Mak Jah. The prawns were fresh and yummy. The service was fast.

We stayed here - Kamalodge. Clean..and the swimming pool is suitable for children. The roomi s also comfortable and affordable. This is the view from our room. hero is enjoying the nasi lemak.

Ahaa..Aurora spent two hours playing in the water. Jenuh la ayah nye berendam sekali..hehhe

After checking out...lunched at Doli Kueyteow.  Hungry..Aurora ate a lot.

This is the craving kueyteow. Yummy..

I love the view. The trees are old but giving a very dramatic sight. 
Last but not place. The station was empty when we came to send off LW and Net.  
Lata Kinjang. We spent one hour here...eating and gossiping. Come again my friends. back is hurting me now. Might be due to all the trips I took...and it was nearly one hour I am sitting uploading the photos. Aurora is waiting for me on the bed. Got to go..

Till then..


  1. Salam Zu..

    That day, after we back home..i cooked for our dinner (me and Net) sambil makan sambil mengenang u, aurora and Tapah..bila Net dah balik Puchong..hmm..sadness is around..sunyi je..

  2. Wsalam LW

    Yes, I understand. Sunyi kalau sebelum tu riuh dan rumah penuh orang. But life goes on. Come to Tapah..lama sikit dok sini. Boleh spend time together..Tq for much for your kind hospitality..

  3. sedapnya mee udang, sedapnya kuew tiaw tu...kalaulah i boleh drive ke sana...

    masa balik dari tapah dan windosr tu, sedih jugak.... yelah balik rumah yang tiada siapa menunggu.... but kena get used to it...