Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Al- Fatihah..

Just now at 11.45 p.m I received a sms from my boss.His wife passed away at 11.05 p.m.

A week ago his wife was admitted to a private hospital for a fibroid surgery. My boss asked me to replace him to come for duty last Wednesday because he wanted to send her to the hospital. It was actually a simple surgery without any high risk. However, during the surgery the doctor accidentally ( what? a private hospital ? they are supposed to be better? ) cut the uterus (stupid surgeon) and that caused infection. Not taking any  risk they sent her back  to the government hospital. 4 days later she passed away in comma.

I cried. I am still crying. I know her quiet well. She was a soft spoken and gentle lady. A very commited and respectful housewife. I regret for being away from home. I was thinking to visit her this coming weekend...but she goes first. I can't think how would my boss managed the house without her..and  managed the office without me. In his condition..I just pray that he can be strong . Truly I feel sad for him and his biggest loss.

Al Fatihah..May her soul be blessed.


  1. Alfatihah to her too...

    what careless is the surgeon..kalau nak saman boleh sangat tu.

  2. alfatihah

    the doctor harus disaman..seriusly....

  3. Agree. Doktor yang careless tu patut malah wajib disaman. Kerana dia satu nyawa melayang dan satu keluarga pincang.