Thursday, March 7, 2013

Aurora is 29 months..

Aurora and her big sister..Anduk

Yesterday marked Aurora's 29 months old birthday. I am far away so I couldn't kiss her and hold her in my arms..She is still the loveliest baby I have ever seen ( to me ). Still unable to utter a simple sentence. More towards using English. Calls me "Mom".."shu"...for shoes..for "susu". The rest still no improvement. Sometimes I am worried thinking about her vocab which is very limited. However I try not to be too worried because she is still below 33 months.

She has her own tablet..her online games for toddlers. She used to play with her dad's or my hand phones.  We decided to buy her one, a very odd decision for us. I have never thought we would buy her a gadget even she is still so young but now technology has gone beyond the age boundary. However, we try not to let her getting too engrossed with her tablet. She has to go outside and play. Or stay inside the house playing with us and her models and her 'bibi"...a stuffed "anakpatung".

My baby..I can't wait tomorrow to see you..kiss you..hold you in my arms. I love you my yang..


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