Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Back to work..

I came back to office on Monday. It was hectic as usual..and I was trying my best to cope with all unattended work I have left behind. My boss is back his normal self. However, it was difficult for him to handle two and housework without a wife. I talked with him for a long time that Monday morning. I knew he is trying his best to be professional but deep inside he is still mourning..and that is understandable. I wish I can console closer to him..hug him ( Oh my God)..Of course I can't do that. I think he will suffer for a long run..he is quiet type, lonely..he seldom speaks openly to others..except for me.

Considering that fact, I agreed to replace him to go to Cyberjaya yesterday, to witness of MOU signing between TM and Pintar Foundation. I came home late at night..and it was a very tiring trip. I pity Aurora and my husband. I have no wish to be a boss if I have to abandon them.

I have been working hard to accept who I am. Now, when things have settled down, I am trying the hardest  to maintain my serenity and my rationality. Let's be thankful to what we have in our hands and stop acting like a stupid and naive girl starting life. Grow up Wut!!

I wish holidays is coming soon. I am tired.

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