Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Some things are better kept in silence..

I am starting this blog a few years back with two things in mind. A place where I can update my pregnancy ( with Aurora at that time) and later on updating her development month by month. Soon she is going to be 29 months old.

The second idea is a medium to express my inner feeling in a language I love ...English even though some times Malay can express better. I have been updating Aurora's development, but I admit some times I forgot or too busy to jot down some things every 6th day of each month. And I have managed to express a lot of my experiences, feelings, incidents that occur in my every day's life in a form of journal. However, I have never managed to express my inner feelings (deep inside my heart) in this blog because  sometimes they are too private or just simply too complex to be put in words. I believe other blogger are the same..except few who are quite daring.

Nevertheless, at this moment I really want to write something ( considered secrets in my heart ) which can be concluded in several sentences.
               a)   Allah will test your words. Don't be too boastful putting a statement. You never know what awaits for you in future.
               b)   Feelings are from Allah. HE decides to make you love some one or hates some one. It is not yours. HE decides what would you feel..sadness or happiness is HIS. However, whatever feeling you have, keep it in silence because not everything can be exposed.
               c)   However, we human can always pray to HIM to bring us down to earth every time we feel that we have lost our way. We can always come back to the right path if only we can realize it and make amend.
              d)    Whatever happens to you physically, mentally or emotionally is decided upon you Loh Mahfuz everything is stated clearly. We human will have to carry it on as HIS servants.
              e)    As to end my entry tonight, I am very thankful I have experience all those above. I am happy Allah decides that I have to go through all those. I am happy to be given a chance to FEEL..a gift  which not every body is lucky enough to have.  Thank you Allah. Sesungguhnya aku redha dengan takdirmu.

Till then..


  1. i agree with statement no. 1. dont be too boastful putting a statement..

    may all ends well... take care...

    1. Tq dear..sometimes I feel lost. I lost my focus and wander around aimlessly. Thank God that it does not prolong. I am back on my track. I am alright.