Friday, March 1, 2013

It breaks my heart..

Last Wednesday, I was in class when my sister messaged me. If  I was free,she would want to call me. I could feel something is wrong..she wouldn't have asked to call me because she knew I was having a class. It must be something important.

I asked her to call immediately. She told me something sad. It breaks my heart..till I cried in the toilet for nearly 30 minutes.

Before I came for this course, I met my sister in the market. She encouraged me to go for this course. I reasoned with her saying that Aurora couldn't not eat outside food all the time unlike the brother and the father. Due to that I had prepared  a simple recipe of chicken soup for Idham to cook. I cut the chicken into bite sizes and put it into the freezer.I told Idham the steps to make the soup, I even showed him the steps. But then my sister insisted that she could bring some cooked food from her kitchen rather. Listened to that i was very thankful enough.

My sister managed to send the food to my house only 3 times when on last Tuesday the fight broke out. The fight between her and her husband. The husband questioned her motive sending food to my house saying that she went to 'a jantan house'. The 'jantan' he meant was of course my husband. He said my sister went to the house which is only occupied at the moment with my husband, my son and Aurora. True, but my sister never went inside the house and before she came she called my husband first, and my husband would send my son outside the house, near the gate to pick up the food. My husband did not even go out of the house to see her. Ya Allah Ya Tuhanku...why do this stupid brother in law could even have a bad thought about my husband and the worse thing is accusing the good wife (my sister) of being disloyal and 'menggatal' with my husband?

I cried. Cried because I felt sad.  Because of me leaving the house attending  this course this thing happened. I knew for so long, since my sister and that man got married, that he is not a good and protective man. He is very selfish and unfair. He just wants my sister but never want us, her family. Many times when my mother was still alive, she cried because my sister seldom came back to my mother's house whereas they would go back to the husband's parents' house every month. We feel sad but as long as he takes a good care of my sister, its okay with us. However, when this recent incident happened, I feel bad because he never appreciate my sister. He forgets that his wife is my SISTER.

I could not protect her from her own husband. Its her marriage but I will always be with her through sad moments because the blood is thicker than water.

Later, when we finished talking on the phone and I managed to wipe the tears away, I went back into the class. True, this course is tough. Not just the syllabus but the pain suffered by, my family and my sister, to name a few.

Till then..


  1. ayayaya..stupid God, what was he thinking??

  2. MasyaAllah..what kind of people he is..pity your sister and sorry for eyes tears when i read this entry...rasa geram semua ada and i imagine if im in her shoes..mesti perang besar and etc etc...

  3. Until now I tak cakap pdmy hubby. Biarlah rahsia..I went back last Friday and on Suday I went to the market. In my heart I prayed hard..janganlah jumpa that stupid man.. I don't know whether to kick him hard on his ass (excuse me)..or just simply ignore. Nasib baik tak jumpa..My idea is..let long as my sister is the wife,I can't do much.