Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The busy bee..

 Some of her close-ups which I adore. I love you yang..

Playing with bubbles..

At Atuk's house..

Lepak..waiting for the brother's interview.

I love her cheeks..

She really look like a Korean/Chinese baby here..

Hehe..she and her pro

In her catwalk..amboi siap letak tangan kat pinggang..

Smile..this is for u Net..

 I think I am busy than the bee. My head is buzzing with
forums..logs..logs..can't stop until it becomes too nauseating..Too much to do.. and to make
it worse I am too tired to do any work. I just want to sleep. However, falling asleep is not I came out from bed and began to type this entry.

I just want  to talk about something simple and giving me warmth and pleasure. What else..Aurora.  She is getting bigger, more choosy on food, does not sleep much at noon..all the time playing with her tablet, watching tv, playing with her penguin stuffed animal, her "bibi". Or just simply jumps on the bed and plays with me. Just for a while because a few minutes later the mother would drift to sleep leaving Aurora with her brother. She loves the brother...calling him "Am". We tried to train her calling her brother Abang but to no avail. However with her sister, she can simply pronounce the word "kakak".

Talking about "kakak", the "kakak"  has now settled down staying in hostel and studying in the boarding school. We visited her every weekend, an activity which is very tiring and costly. I keep my promise, to visit her every weekend, just to make her comfortable and for her to get used to be far away from family. Now, she is okay, she has joined the drama club, gets a part to act and they are going to participate in the district drama competition right after the school holiday. I am glad she is okay..miss her so much during week days, but I have to bear my ears listening to her chatting every weekend. Hehe..still the same. She likes to talk..and I have to listen.

That's my life now. Busy with my course office family routines. Too busy to have a lovey dovy time out with my husband. Hmm..I miss that time.

Till then.

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