Saturday, November 27, 2010

Happy Birthday My Love...

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From inside my car I saw a tall and lanky man walking towards me..he had long straight hair that brushed his back..thin and hollow eyes..My heart skipped a beat..he was finally here..he looked different from the photo he sent me..Yes..he was my date and that was the first impression I had on him...hmm..not actually my taste..hehe..but I have loved him long before we actually met..

After that it was all history..we finally got married even some of his family members were strongly against it. I managed to fill up his stomach and make him gained some flesh to hide the skinny bones of his, to force him to cut the long hair short and cleared the acnes on his face..but failed to make him stop smoking ( I am still trying). Another failure is I still cant get a decent and satisfying answer from him to my question...why do u love me? He keeps on giving the same answer even I tricked him many times.The answer is... because I love him. The reason I asked him the boring question is because until now I cant understand why a bachelor, a quite good looking young (younger than me) man who could get a more beautiful and single girl to marry, could fall in love with me. I was a single mother, with two young kids, not so beautiful face..older than him..when he proposed I cried of disbelieved and thanked Allah for finally granted me a man who loved me the way I am and wanted me to share his life...

He is not rich..we just managed to live comfortably but he loves my kids and shows it in every possible way he can. He touched my heart many times when put the children first everytime..he is a better father to my children more than the real father..and I think due to his kindness to me and my children, The Almighty finally granted him with a baby of his own who is two months old already. It was for me a miracle because I had two miscarriages before this baby was born..

My love..a long entry about you but still not enough for me to say all ... I do love you so much and everyday I thank Allah for this happiness..for making you my husband and I want to stay being your wife even in the next world..

Hand in hands we have travelled

in all the seven continents of this earth

but none as wide

as my love for you

Together we have voyaged

on all the seven oceans

but none as deep

as my love for you..Bius..


  1. Tq life is not a bed of roses but I managed to get through..and I believe you too can..I pray to Allah for that..