Sunday, November 28, 2010

A man with a few words..

My son is 15 years old and now waiting anxiously for the PMR results to be released soon. He is always helping in the kitchen whenever I am cooking..washing plates, cutting the onions or just simply watching me and my daughter preparing dishes. He is the opposite of my talkative daughter who can speak nonstop for hours..until my ears nearly dropped..hehhe

Today,while he was watching me cooking, I tried to make him talk more..he is turning into a young man..and soon there will be another woman in his life..and I dont want to loose him.I said to him..I wish you will marry a lady who can cook well..He smiled and simply said..No I wont get married..I replied..Yer lah are in love yet. What he said next put tears in my eyes..Mak, you are the only woman..without you I cannot live..I was deeply touched by his words..and I cant believe he is so matured and could utter such beautiful lines.Yes..he speaks very little yet his little words are so wonderful and amazed me sometimes.He is truly my son..the sun in my life..

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