Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Human..the most exasperating creature

I always overlooked my instinct..ignored it many times..but everytime it proved to me that instinct is always correct..

I set a "date' with my old boss to settle some unfinished business. I felt uneasy having a date with him so I called a friend to keep me company..but later spent last many hours contemplating my actions since I didnot feel good about that..I have always admire my boss but no more than that and certainly would never want wrong interpretation from others..

So today I was hoping all went meeting with him was solely about business..but some stupid creatures turned it into juicy gossip..I hate people who keep on stabbing other people backs..always finding faults of others and always looking for a cold war...? Why keep on having negative attitude? Life is short..enjoy it. Since I got pregnant and now delivered Aurora I always avoided talking bad about others..just want to enjoy life...others seem unimportant already.Even now when I nearly reached the peak of my career but it seems meaningless compared to my happiness with my newly found joy...

If I have a lot of money or marry a rich man..I would have stopped working a long time ago..but then it is only a wish..

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