Monday, November 29, 2010

"Rumah teres jer? Ingatkan...."

The above title of my entry tonight is actually an unfinished line uttered by one of my colleagues in the office. She was asking me the direction to my house. I was explaining to her about the house I just bought.. a terrace house located ten minutes drive form the small town I live now. Well..the above line was her respond. Her unfinished sentence is somehow lingers in my mind until today. And I feel downgraded just because I dont stay in a bungalow like them.

True.. I am not rich. I admit the salary I get every month is higher than them but they do not know I have loads of bills to settle..the first house loan, the second house loan,the car loan, house expenditures, giving money to my old father..children bla bla..Not even once I feel bad on spending money for my family.I know its my responsibilities.And I am not like them who like to show off their big cars, big bungalows, expensive is a fight among them to build the biggest house than others. Well..not can build 4 stories bungalow and see if I care..

My house is not just a small is a home where all I ever want in my life are inside.


  1. rumah ku syurga ku..yg penting kehidupan kan....

  2. rumah besar, hutang besarrrrrrrr.......

    i live in a small apartment with 3 bedrooms and 2 bathroom. i'm happy with it. ada security guards and ada swimming pool.. its enough for me.. yang paling penting neighbour tak keypoh and kawasan persekitaran yang bersih

  3. Betul tu net and aida..kalau rumah besar tapi hati tak senang tak guna jugak..yang penting aman tenteram dan tidor lena...cukuplah..syukur alhamdulillah