Friday, November 26, 2010

To do or not to do...

Aurora and her dad..

It has been a busy week.. many visitors came to my humble home..many things happened..many stories (gossips) exchanged and now a decision to make..that is to do (follow order from the new boss) or ignore the order (can I?)...sigh..
I despise myself being a middle person..
My boss is not quite happy with 2 couples (husband and wife) working in the same building. So my boss asked me to make a written report to be presented to the headquaters about the two problematic couples. As a boss of course that is an order for me but I trully hope that this matter does have to go straight to the HQ. I think my boss should monitor the two couples first rather than making a drastic move to misjudge them or to transfer them away. And I know my boss surely have listened to other source of info whom dislike the couples and wanted them to go away from this office.
What should I do? As a subordinate I should follow orders..but as a person I do hope there is another solution to this..I keep thinking what if I was the one targeted?

I will have to do some shopping buy something for my lover boy..soon it will be his birthday..what to buy? And what to cook for the nite special dinner? Hmm..

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