Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Horayyy...I am free!

My love..Aurora

Finish my confinement last Sunday..and start cooking all fav dishes all over again. My mother passed away 10 years ago (this Aidil Adha marks her ten years...she passed away performing Hajj) eldest sister taking care of my nieces away in mother in law is too old to take care of finally I take care of my baby and myself during confinement..yes..sad..but that's life..

Had a mild (hehehe) fight with my lover boy..I felt he did not show enough concern and care enough during my confinement...well..he still managed going out with his friends and leaving me alone taking care of my baby..haishh..manyak hensem..

But frankly speaking he is forever like that..does not really show love..moreover being romantic..jauh sekali..but I know he loves me..he shows it in his own way..

My baby...7 weeks old...and still unpredictable sleeping time..hope by the time I start working again that will change...

Talking about going to work again..I have a new boss..a lady....hadaoiii la

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