Sunday, January 8, 2012

Aurora...15 months..

Aurora has started walking!!! Awkward at first but now getting steady. She actually started making her first few steps that night 5.1.2012 and the next day 6.1.2012 marked her 15 months old. baby has started to walk. That moment will be cherished forever in my life and I am glad I witnessed the moment she dared herself to take the first few steps without any help form us. I am so happy...

On the 7.1.2012 also marks my dear friend's, Mani, birthday. She called me and we talked nearly two hours. We have known each other and have been closed friends for a decade. She is more like a sister to me even we are in different races.I trust her with my life and if I will to die now I entrust her to take care of my children especially Ayuni and Idham. We had shared many sad and happy memories together and secrets which will go with us to our graves.

Dear's true that life sometimes is very unfair to us. It's true that life is for bad people..selfish people..people who took advantage on our weaknesses..but please don't give up in life. We still need to go on till our time to be called to God. Until then, however painful life is to you..don't ever give up. Even the whole world turn their back on you, I will always walk by your side. I need you to be forever be my conscience sister. And forever I will always love you..Happy Birthday..

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