Monday, January 30, 2012

Aurora's new hobby

She is cold but refuses to get out

She and her ducks...

Yesterday we decided that finally Aurora would play in water. We were quite sceptical for her to be allowed soaking in water because we didn't want her to get cold. However, nowadays the weather is very dry and hot..we are sweating even though we just have had our bath. So, the dad went to borrow the tube pump and finally the red water tube was ready and quickly Aurora settled in the water happily. So happy until an hour later she didn't want to out. Cried aloud when we pulled her out. But then she was so tired playing with water until she slept immediately.

Later that afternoon she jumped into the water again and this time she was joined by other neighbour's kids who spotted her enjoying herself. was fun until near Maghrib when all parents had a hard time pulling out their children out. Kids and water are magic! The neighbourhood was noisy with their acts. We loved it.

Today, after a long week off, I went to work. I just did my work and avoiding every body. I didn't see that person the whole day. It is better but still my mind is made up. I need to go from there. I will..


  1. Owh Aurora dear..ur already big gal ya...okeh lepas ni auntie follow Aurora..hihi