Wednesday, January 11, 2012


I went to work driving my car. It was very early and it was very dark. All along the 13 minutes drive I was praying to Allah.. Allah..please make things easy for me..I just want to do my more no less..protect me from all those hatred and ill- feelings of any body towards me..this is the only way I am earning for my me to go through the day..and the day after..and the day after that..and so on. That was my pray..So sad deep inside me until I nearly cry which I rarely do because of other people rather than my family.

I wish somebody or any body could give me an answer to the question "Why there are people like that? Have they forgotten the fact that everybody is equal to Allah. Who are they to judge that they are better then the rest? Just because they are the pioneers in the office, they have the power to do anything or to say anything even it is not true and hurt other people? Who are they to decide whether I will be happy or sad that day? The fact that they rejoice when their "enemies" come down with problems anger me. I can not look at their faces for I am scared I might loose my temper and hit them. Yeah..I feel like to punch them on the faces or at least say don't go to to Mecca if this is the kind of person you have become..

I am so pissed off...

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