Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Sweet memories..

We just had late lunch..The house was in a mess since my husband chose today to paint the door of each room and the kitchen door too..I couldn't stand the smell of the paint..making me dizzy, uncomfortable..but still have to bear with it..

So tired after the hard work and having a heavy lunch, he falls asleep near the couch with his mouth halfway funny (rasa nak snap photo jer) Well..he used to tease me that I snore when sleeping, but he too..

My husband..sometimes I feel I just have got married to you..even I have known you more than 10 years already. I always smile remembering our first the highway interchange..what a place to choose to have our first meeting..hehe. Actually I was waiting for him in the car with the engine running. On the second thought, if the man who was supposed to come was a vigilante..I would speed off..huhu. When he finally turned up, switch off his car engine, stepped out of his car, walking straight to me ( inside the car )..I really felt like running away. He was so skinny, with messy long hair up to his shoulder. My thought..alamak, macam penangih dadah jer..nak lari ker tunggu nih..hehehe. He came towards my car, knocked on the door asking me to go out to meet him..I didn't scared..hehe. Well, finally I went out..and the rest is history..

Now, looking at him, snoring..while I was typing this entry brings back so many sweet memories..I love you my dear husband..rain or shine I love you with all my heart.


  1. Saya suka bau cat..dan suka bau gam dalam tin tu. So bole paham la camne orang bole ketagih hidu gam..ehh tapi gue bukan ketagih okay..hehhee

  2. Suka bau cat? Saya tak tahan la..pening..senang la kalau cat umah kan..sendiri leh cat..saya plak kalau leh nak lari jauh2..huhu