Friday, January 20, 2012


My friend, T called last Wednesday asking me to have a date with her on Friday afternoon. She sounded depressed and really needed a friend to talk to, so I agreed. I was a feeling a bit guilty leaving my children and husband at home while I was having a time of my own, alone. However, when I met T, I am glad I came. She looked terrible and I could not forget her tearful face before we parted.

We had known each other for more than a decade. She was actually my subordinate in my old office. She has been having problems with her husband long before I even knew her. And all along the years she was in deep misery and suffered a lot pains with this good-for-nothing husband. The husband cheated her, having extra-marital affairs with countless women, some so young who can even be his daughters, took all her money, even keeping her ATM cards, made her pregnant every year ( twice I had to call the ambulance because she had a terrible bleeding, as the husband raped her even she was in the early stage of pregnancy), denied her right to spend hari raya with her family (the husband forced her to go back to his kampong in Kelantan every hari raya ever since they got married, 14 years already)...and many other sickening and cruel acts. However, for me, the worst is threatening to take all her children if she file for a divorce..and of course constant mentally-tortured her, stripped her off her dignity as a wife and woman, until she is really scared of him and hated him so much until the sound of his motorcycle coming back could make her cringe and shrivel with terror. Not just her alone..all her kids do.

Ya Allah..Ya Allah...Ya Allah...that was all I could utter when I was driving back home. I thought after 10 months we parted, things between her and that monster have settled down, but apparently I was wrong. It is gone from bad to worst. The reason she called to meet me was asking my advice of what to do because she could not stand it anymore..she is in the brink of going insane...she is killing herself..No wonder she is so thin..she is suffering from a marriage which can be best described as a hell created by a so-called 'alim' husband who uses religion as a reason to cruelly 'killing' a helpless woman.

Until now I can still remember her weak waving before I drove off..and her tears dropped on her dull face..slowly..with no sound from her lips. Dear T, Demi Allah, I will help you go through this sad time of your life..coz I had experienced the same..I strong dear...


  1. salam kenal..

    kesiannya..bila dengar benda cam gini la kenagkadang baru kita nak reaslise yang betapa beruntungnya dapat suami yg tak dera isteri. tak kira la dera fizikal ke, cam gini kena dera mental lagi teruk.

    family kawan u tau tak yg menantu dorang ni macam hantu? kalau dapat support family, maybe dorang leh tolong..

    kalau ai..dah bawak lari anak2. tapi tu la, cakap memang senang..

    apa2 pun, semoga kawan u tabah..jangan bunuh diri woh..kita ni orang islam. bunuh diri bukan jalan penyelesaian.

    1. Wsalam..cik sibuk..tq krn baca n follow..saya pun dah jenguk blog cik sibuk..sedap pulak resepi udang telur masin tu..nak try la
      Tq krn simpati dgn my fren..memang dia amat tersiksa tp bukanlah sampai nak commit suicide..but she is "killing" herself by continue serving the stupid husband..I will see her again tommorow..she has to curi2 jumpa saya krn husband dia tak suka isterinya mengadu kat org..even mak bapak my fren who are staying very near to her..they know about this but can't do nothing..i pun heran apasal mcm tu yer..kalau my family, dah mati agaknya lelaki tu kena kerja..

      Tah la..saya selalu berdoa agar dia kuat menghadapi semua ni..sama-samalah kita berdoa moga yg teraniya akan mendapat pertolongan Allah dan yang menzalimi akan dibalas..amin