Sunday, March 18, 2012

Cameron Highlands, cupcakes and Aurora..

Vanilla cupies
Am's cake
Lamb Chop for birthday's dinner
Happy to get the present
Aurora getting vege jer..alaa
Manja with brother la tu..
The brother and sister playing pool
Aurora running here and there..

We celebrated Am birthday a few days late...waiting for him to be at home. We bought birthday present, MP3, since he likes listening to musics while doing maths questions (hmmmm...hehehe..). I could not think how could you study and listen to musics at the same time? However, I just follow. I cooked something special for him and bought a cake for him from Secret Recipes.

Today, my son will go back to hostel early. He said he wanted to finish doing the homework at hostel since he could not do so at home..Hmm..yerlah tu..

Even though it was school holiday, we did not go traveling much except going to Cameron to cool our selves
( even it was hot and humid in Cameron). We did spent quality time together..sightseeing..sampling the food in small eateries there..or just simply watching  Aurora running here and there..enjoying herself to the fullest.

I baked a batch of cupcakes for my colleague who had transfer ed to Putrajaya. It was seen by another colleague, so I baked another batch for her. People asked me, how could I made an effort to do so since it was free of charge. I said..I like to feed people and make people happy getting something. An honest thank you is enough for me.

Aurora is getting heavier. The trip to Cameron was almost unbearable for me. She slept on my lap all along the journey. When we arrived at home I could not stretch my hand and feet. They were numb and so painful. Luckily after some massage they were fine. Next long trip we need to buy a child car seat for her.


  1. Woohoo, laughing, quality time....that was great kan! Hope Am will be more study hard and Aurora more chomel..hehe...cup cake tu yummy!

  2. I hope Am understands and obeys..hehe. Aurora is always her mum of course ler..Come here LW..I will welcome you with many other sweet treats..hehe

  3. Ok ok one fine day, u come to my sanctuary first ya..hehe

  4. Hi kak,
    baru khatam baca tis blog.
    well,your cupies nampak sedap la kak

    biah gorgeous

    1. siap khatam..hehehe
      tq biah..
      nak cuppies tu..meh ler dtg