Monday, March 5, 2012


With her bubbles
Her little legs..hehehe (mak dia tada keje la ni)
Her little hand...(memang la tada keje lain mak nye)..hehe
Blabbering time...
Manja ayah ni..

It has been more than a week I didn't write. Not that I didn't try to write or dried up with ideas. I did try to put new entry but every time there must be interruptions making me stopped halfway. There are many things had happened last week..and will more to come I suppose..but all these made me tired. Sometimes I just went to sleep even though physically I was not that tired. .When I could not bear the tension and stress at work...sleeping is just the best way to stop thinking. And I thank Allah the Most Gracious to grant me a good sleep..and it comes so easy without me turning and tossed around.

In less than a hour my baby Aurora will turn 17 months. She is sleeping peacefully now. I am glad to see her growing up well. A few days ago she was not feeling well..a mild fever because she is teething..not one tooth but a few in one shot. She whimpered and wanted to be carried all the time. My weekend was spent pampering her and following her wishes. That was another reason for me to be so tired. However now she comes back to her real self..smiling and cooing..blabbering nonsense which for me the sweetest sound on baby..your presence heals my pain..the best thing that had happened to me. Thank you Allah. Thank You.


  1. Hikhikhik obviously maknye x de keje ya...pic kaki tangan...itu semua mangsa gigit kalau terjumpa dgn aurora..what a bliss when u see ur miniature grow up in front of u aite? How I wish..
    At the moment I pun jadi parent for my nephew, 5 yrs old, his mom (my sister) is single mother and his little sister pula asthmatic problem langsung warded..and I hv to take care of him sebab maknya menguruskan adik di hospital. Pagi kol 6 hantar pi krista dgn budak tu pejam mata lagi dan malam I balik keje kol 9 pi ambik...kesian pun ya but we hv no choice...only two of us yg akan jadi mak dan bapa kepada dua kanak2 ini...quite challenging for me!

  2. Pity u and your sis and her children to have to go through that routine..I hope your niece will get well soon and things will go back to normal..eventhough not 100%. Sabarlah sometimes difficult in times..

    You can always wish..Allah listens..