Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Happy Birthday My Son.. a few hours on  Mac  8 you will be a year older my son. Seventeen years ago you were born..came into my life. Long before you were born, I had dreamt, I had wished for a son. I refused to be told of your gender when I went to is because I just knew that the be a boy. And I was right.

Am..your opah loved you so much. She used to save the money I sent her every month to buy cloth, to sew on her own., your 'baju melayu' even the old sewing machine gave her much problems and she herself could not see well. But still, she managed to make you the green 'baju melayu' which until now I keep dearly. Your atok kept the rambutans on the tree until they turned deep red longing for you to come back to eat them. And I, your mother willing to give my heart and my soul as long as you will grow up well, be a great man,  to excel in study and in a good and obedient muslim short be happy always. study hard for your SPM this year. Your ayah has high hopes on you..he too loves you so much. And if opah was here with us, I am sure she would be proud of you.. the grandson whom she adored since small has now grown up into a sweet and loving young man.

Happy  17 th Birthday my son..our love for you will always be in abundance.

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