Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Not well..

I have not feeling well this last couple of weeks. Flu and fever made my whole body aching especially at the joints. Thankfully I survived and it is gone without affecting Aurora.

Been busy as usual. I went to work, having meeting almost every day, seeing new people, working with them opened my eyes. They are very hardworking and very precise in doing things. They set up a good example and I should follow.

During working I had to be in close contact with the person. I felt odd..I thought I have managed to get it over but apparently some still stay inside my heart. And the sadness came again today watching..

May be the idea of leaving this place is not  bad after all. I have to go.


  1. I hope everything is well with you and wish you luck in all your way..I'm about to have a big decision in my life, whether staying or living and I know I need a new environment because the condition now is very stressfull if I stay waiting and waiting..hard time..

  2. What are u waiting for? Are u leaving the company too? Too stressful ya? I understand coz I'm in the same hot pot..