Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Not looking foward..

Few days to go before my confinement leave is over. So lazy thinking going back to work..old routine..wake up early, getting ready to work, minding the heavy morning traffic..meeting, discussion..ohhh so tiring. Now, it will be more backbreaking tiredness with new baby to take care..I cant hardly imagine myself doing all that after been relaxing for two months. Sigh..adoi laa

My new boss has started giving me job even before I officially start working. I dread that my new boss will be more bossier than the previous one. I feel I need something to boost my motivation to work such as new pair(s) of shoes,new makeup..waaaa..everthing new..then I will be happy going to office..hehhe

I started to drive again after nearly 10 months driven everywhere by my lover boy. Yup..he refused to let me drive after seeing me collapsed during the early months of pregnancy. Later I could not drive coz my tummy was huge it reached the steering wheel. My lover boy has to let me drive with my daughter to keep me company (or to chaperon me actually..he does not trust me..hehe..I think Kelantanese man is like that).

I was typing this entry with my baby snoring softly next to me..looking at her sleeping melt my heart. So sweet..I guess I want to join her sleeping. Nite..

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