Wednesday, February 1, 2012

So much little time

I have tons of work. Besides the normal ones, there are meetings to chair or to attend, several working papers to be sent to the boss, minutes to be typed..discussions with the boss, with my subordinates etc. Oh my..where I am going to start? But still I manage to steal few minutes to put new entry in my blog. Why? Coz I am so stressed out and this blog is for me to unwind, to relax, to express my feelings..

Just after lunch break an officer came to see me asking for my signature over some documents. Later we had a chat regarding the reasons for him to apply for a other words he was not happy to be in the office thus wanting to attend a short course. Hmm..I was thinking there goes another fellow who too is not happy to be here. Not just me alone then..However both of us are having different reasons to apply out. Him, wanting to explore opportunities outside the working environment. Me, applying out because I am scared of losing my patient over few office mates here and..afraid of losing control over my emotions over some body..

What a complicated life..or I wonder am I making things complicated when actually things are simple and are not so burdensome. Well.. let me sleep over it. One thing I am sure of..I am not the only one with this limbo least there is another person who shares the same boat..


  1. You're not alone...I feel the same since 2 yrs back...but so far no choice...huhu!

    Err why Wuthering Height? May I know?

  2. I am so happy (huhu) to know that there are others like me..I am not alone then..and what I feel is not that aliens to others, right?

    Wuthering Height? It's a long story..u want to know? I will email u..leave your email add..ok?

  3. yeah..too exhausted with my daily routine in office..and it is not that aliens..but maybe a sign to see a new environment...
    err i know WH is a novel by Bronte and few yrs back saw a film of that..must be interesting story..okeh

  4. i cant follow the time table i make sometimes i fell like just relaxing in front of the tv