Sunday, February 26, 2012

Facebook menace

This week was only filled up with meetings and troubles.

Almost everyday I had meeting..sometimes until late in the evening. If I just go and sit and listen and later do nothing it would only cause me bored . However if before meeting I had to prepare a lot of things, explained many things during meetings and later after meeting tons of tasks follow caused fatigue until I ready to collapse as early as 8 o'clock at night.  And to make things worse, this coming week, I will be busier than ever. Please help...!!!

I don't have a Facebook account. I simply don't want other people to know me more than I want them to. Nevertheless, my husband has one and now it gives me ( the wife ) a lot of pressures. Some of his  family members are using the fb to send stupid comments and some are very childish. It involved my husband,of course. As an outsider I just keep myself quiet..let them have their fits, but I admit I am not happy with this. Facebook is supposed bring them together not the opposite.


  1. agree with you...i got fb account but the purpose i create it just for 'skodeng' what is the current isue/gossip/rumours and that's it..and since i got it, i did not more than 5 entry at the wall...and all about food. The rest is FB is lust, fake, synical etc...

  2.'s just a nuisance sometimes..and some are too engrossed with FB until they forget reality.