Thursday, December 23, 2010

At last..I can rest

I had been working hard this couple of weeks and finally today I submitted the work to be printed. That's last the task is done even I am not completely satisfied. Well I can do a better job but I hate last minute and there...from the boss. is not everything for me. Yes, the boss can order me to do anything and perform my very best in the office but when I am at home stop calling me and sms me with new task thing to put in..pathetic okay.

So starting this evening no more typing for I can just enjoy myself for few days before the school reopens and I will be busy with the kids schooling. When I tried to open Nenek Penne blog, it has been privatized..I couldn't sad. I miss reading her net please invite me eh..

Today PMR result was out and my son who had been waiting anxiously for it had gone to school with his ayah to get it. I was waiting at home..when he reached home, he entered the house and went straight to his room..I knew it was a bad news. Yes, he got 7As and one B..B for BM. BM????? Somehow I suspected his BM would flunk. My son is better in English than in Malay. So,sometimes he surprised me by using a bombastic English word even I was at awe. He was sad but he was sadder to fail his ayah's expectation. He loves his stepfather so much and looks high to him. Well I told him 7A's is good enough. He worked hard for it I know. When he sat for PMR I was in the hospital delivering Aurora..may be it disturbed him when he knew his mother was not at home to give him support for his big test.

As for me I thank Allah for being so generous to me. True I was a bit frustrated when he didn't score straight A's because I knew he could do better but it's okay.I thank to Allah for this happiness.

Tomorrow I am going to Kl for holiday and stay there for few days. Finally I am off to have a short break with my family. Thank God.


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  2. true sky was dark with heavy torrent last few years..I am enjoying the sunshine now..

    Are u alright? U have privatized your blog. I cant enter..and have not written for nearly a week..I do hope you are okay..take care dear