Friday, December 3, 2010


This last few days I don't feel comfortable. There are so many things in my mind..workload in the office ( I am getting really bored..), thinking about my "kenduri akikah" soon, my baby's appointment to clinic this saturday..etc. Well, those things are not really stressing but somehow I am worried..over worried..I wonder is there any other reason which I do not know or will come later that really will make me stress? I hope not..please God..

My Aurora has established special contact with me. Whenever she cries,her cry would immediately stopped when I picked her up and talking tenderly to her. She will look at me intensely as if thinking..this is my mom..and she loves me..She loves warm bath and sleeps soundly later. Wakes up twice or three times at night so at least I managed to get enough rest. She has put on weight and getting taller. Nearly two months had passed but I feel it was only yesterday she was born. i love you so much much..


  1. wish i ada anak jugak tapi its just a wish that will never come true....

  2. don't say it will never come true..we will never know are so will have many more will be suprised to know how old i am now..but still managed to get pregnant and delivered a healthy baby..don't give up..your chance will come..i pray for u net