Sunday, December 5, 2010

My girl has grown up...

When she is just 8 years old..

And now she is thirteen..with few pimples on the face. My daughter has grown up to be a sweet, petite beautiful girl. I love to go through old photos to see her to see she has grown up well. She is like noisy little tweety..talking nonstop excitedly. After coming back from school everyday she would quickly throw away her 'tudong' and comes straight to my room. She will sit on the bed and starts her report of what happen in school that day. I will always listen attentively coz I know she likes to tell stories and since I am the only one who can withstand her chatter. I too make her my best gossip friend since I am not really keen going out with friends and I don't have time to do that too. We will continue our chat in the kitchen until we finish cooking. She loves cooking with me and helps me to make sure dinner is served on time. My lover boy will come to check on us when he hears we laugh and joke aloud. He always mumbles..wonder what are we talking about..? My son will always answer..ladies talk la ayah..we can't understand...hahaha

We will continue our chat in my room until she sleeps next to me. Later my lover boy would pick her up and carry her to her room to put her to bed. That's the routine every day..My lover boy loves her so much. And gives in to her demands and needs anytime and every time. I can't imagine the day she will leave the house to continue her study somewhere and one day will get married and go far...My could I bear the separation because we are so close.. Now I think I need my children more than ever. Not so much hugs and kisses...but the underlying love ties us together and grows stronger..

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