Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Started from Monday we had meeting everyday. I was exhausted...physically and mentally. My body ached all over and my head throbbed until I had a long and painful migraine. I took panadol several days but to no avail. Finally I went to see the doc and I had to take a very strong painkiller. Now it is a bit better but I try not think too much..not overuse my mind..then it will be better..I hope.

Meeting.. a long and tiring talk. How I hate such thing but I had no choice. I had to strain my ears and paid attention as there were to many things to do in such a short time..some of the things are new in my organization so we have to work harder this year. As for me, besides having a new boss with many new ideas, I too have a new baby..who needs more attention everyday.

Last night, Aurora did not sleep well. I gave her milk before I went to bed but at 1 am she woke up and refused to sleep after that. That's is okay for me as long as she is fine. But last night was a different story. She cried and cried every time I and her dad put her down on bed. We tried to make her comfortable..I put some oil on her tummy coz I know it was due to wind. However it was useless. She still cried and cried. We couldn't sleep at all. I was helpless..panic coz she was never like this before. It was prolonged until morning..I couldn't sleep at all. I gave her warm bath at 7 in the morning and quickly prepared myself get ready for work. When I left home she was still moaning and tired due to lack of sleep. Pity her but I had to go to work since this morning I had another important meeting.

During meeting I kept thinking about her so I smsed my daughter. She replied saying Aurora was still crying. Then Aurora's dad call and asked to come back and get Aurora to clinic. I excused myself and rushed home. I was driving like worried..

At the clinic it was packed with patients. We had to wait nearly one hour. Finally when it was our turn the doc said my baby was okay but her tummy was full of wind..too much until the doc said it was like a storm rumbling in her small tummy! Pity my wonder she was crying all night. But I could'nt understand why she had a bad case of wind? We took a really good care to make sure she did'nt get wind but it still happened. After a good dose of medicine Aurora went to sleep..finally..

I was tired running here and there but as along as my baby and my other family members are fine and healthy it was worth the effort. The only thing is..sometimes I forgot that I and my body need to be taken care off too. I have to..they all need me..

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