Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Aurora is two months old

I went to office in the morning but rushed home at mid day to cook. After a quick lunch Aurora's Dad drove us to clinic for her routine monthly check up. Today December the six marks her two months of age and the doc gave her the injection. Unfortunately a few minutes before our turn to see the doc, my baby had her poo poo..aisey...So we rushed to the car and quickly changed her diaper amidst the drizzling weather. I ended up a bit wet.

Coming back from the clinic I was so tired. Not feeling well because of the rain. Sometimes I forgot that I am still weak after delivering Aurora. I should slow down my pace.I want to do everything like I used to do before. However my body tells a different story. I don't want to get sick.So,I went to bed early but could not sleep well. I woke up and went to sleep many times until I could not stand it anymore. I went to kitchen and ate..abis la diet..dinner at 1 o'clock in the morning..bagus la sgt tu..hehehe. And now on my lappy until what time I do not know..hmm

I wonder what is the reason for my sleeping disturbance.. I know something is on my mind..but what?

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