Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Aurora is 16 months old!

The blanket end in her mouth...errr..eee 

With 'pokok kelapa' 

The new hair cut 

Pulls her 'selimut bucuk' everywhere

16 months..with new habits..such as:-

1) She loves her 'selimut busuk' so much..cannot sleep without it..walking all around with this blanket..would suck each end of the blanket..yuckk!!! My hubby had to buy another one with the same colour so I could wash the other.

2) She loves Baby TV on Astro and Timmy Time the Goat on Astro Junior. I wonder whether she understood them?

3) She loves walking out every afternoon..playing with the slippers outside the front door and very much attracted with clothes hanger. Hangers?

4) I tried so many recipes of rice porridge..with anchovies, with fish fillets, with chickens bits..sometimes I put some coconut milk..sometimes chicken soups..every thing under the sun..sometimes she eats a lot..sometimes very little..hmm

5) She is very heavy..carrying her for two minutes would cause me backache..

6) She hates her hair to be touch..combed..tied with 'pokok kelapa', wear hair clips, hair other cute little girls..(siksa sungguh if have to). Her hair was a we cut it..cut the front fringe..and layer the back Goodness..needed two grown up to handle her during the task..

7) She loves me and her dad so much..sometimes she is confused because when she is crying, she calls 'maaaa'. She does not have the vocab 'ayah' to address her dad yet.

8) We loves her very much too..every time I am away I will think about her..miss her like crazy..heheh


  1. She loves Timmy? I guess all toddlers admire Timmy lah you..even my niece faham bahasa Timmy, pocoyo, highly town, agent oso..what else...sampai I pun dah hafal lagu tema segala bagai..cute aurora!

  2. Actually we all love ner tak suka..kena tgk jugak walau dah hafal lagunya can u..hahhaha

  3. Tq..Kasih..
    comel tu sebab maknya comel gak..huahuahua..perasan

  4. dah besar dah dia kan??
    rasa baru semalam je tengok dia masih baby...

  5. I sendiri rasa gitu..cepatnya masa berlalu walau sikit pun I tak lupa saat2 I ditolak masuk bilik bedah..aduhh net..Allah saja yang tahu