Thursday, February 16, 2012

A matter of heart...

These last few days I come across many interesting and some surprising love stories. I watched a few love movies during the valentine's week on tv but this one story told by one of my colleague's put me in awe and sticks in  my mind..making me thinking.

She is named A..a successful career woman, married with 2 growing up kids, stable and loving husband. Leading a normal life but now helplessly falling in love ( ? ) with a colleague in her office, a new boy, single, not so good looking but somehow attracts her so much. I was shocked when she told me since the last time we met, about a year ago, she has been depressed with this  new and distressing  problem..liking someone whom she is not supposed to like..missing someone whom she is not supposed to miss..and loving someone who is not her husband.

I asked her the most simple question which she could not answer. WHY? The husband is okay, the marriage is fine but she could fall for someone else whom does not even know that he is loved. I could just advised her to get back to reality and concentrate on her career and family but I know her very well. She is not a play girl or just can simply like someone else. There must be some thing missing in her marriage until she could like some one else. Or am I wrong? Does she really in love or just infatuation?

I wonder if we could fall in love again even we have reached the old age and in this case why should she fall in love? She has every thing. And she wouldn't want losing that every things, would she?

To end our conversation, I just said to her, may be this is really love..but will only stay as without fulfilment, without the other person needs to know about your feeling towards which stays in our heart forever..She cried. Poor her. I just cannot help out. A matter of heart is the most difficult matter of all.

Until now I keep thinking..

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