Sunday, February 12, 2012

Mood swinging..

I took a day off on Wednesday..simply had no mood to work. Actually that was my early intention. However, thinking I might change my mind, I had my clothes pressed that night and other things were prepared for the early morning routine.

Nevertheless, the very same night Aurora had a bad sleep. She stayed up late and after she finally asleep, she kept on waking up and cried. I had to get up several times, sleepy and grumpy at the same time. Finally she went to sleep undisturbed after I recited some holy doa's and Yassin. Well, I did bring her out that night..which I rarely did so because I still believe in certain superstitious that it is not 'proper' to bring a baby out at night or coming back near Maghrib prayer.

I overslept, woke up near 6.00 am. My girl went to school but I stayed at home. 6.00 am was very late for me to go to work. I was very happy staying at home. I felt relieved for being able to skip going to office. That bad..I really am not happy with my working place until I enjoyed myself to the fullest every second I was away. Hmm..I must do some thing about this..and soon.

I went to work on Thursday. My boss was happy to see me because immediately he asked me to see him to discuss several important things. In the afternoon, I had a meeting outside. During that meeting, I learned that what I was hoping ( the transfer of some 'irritating' persons ) was pulled out. Meaning, cancelled. Hmm..that was a bad news to me..really bad news. It makes me find it harder to stay here. It makes my decision to go from here becomes the only way out.

I had seen very little of that person which made me wonder whether it was intentionally or what? All at sudden, I felt so sad.

To overcome this swinging mood, I made myself busy. Yesterday afternoon, I baked some bread for today's breakfast or as snack. The red bean buns and pizza buns came out nicely. I made it big ..a giant size. It was soft and tasted so good. Aurora eats them a lot. I will put the recipe later..if I remember..hehhe

Until then..happy weekend..

My red bean buns..a giant size
Mini pizza buns..a closer look
Aurora  sweetest bun..on her way mandi


  1. o yeahh baking/cooking is always a good therapeutic for some of work on me i kukus rainbow cake and a recipe taken from my small kitchen tu...

    err nak sikit the sweetest bun brand aurora tu..hikhikhik! yummeh..:)

  2. hehhe..sure..kita tukar suka sama suka dgn u punya rainbow cake tu nak?