Tuesday, February 21, 2012

My first move...

Many things had happened since the last time I put my entry. I had one shocking news about my relatives, few sad stories about my friends and many days spent thinking about myself...and now one first big move after I had done thinking. I am deeply, deeply stressed out and seriously thinking of moving out of here. I know I cannot get it done as quickly as I want, so my first move is putting a distance with every body here. Then it would not be awkward for either me or  them if I have to move out immediately. I totally ignore the crowd and stay inside my room all the time and only go out to attend important matter. Let is be.

Later this afternoon I have a date with my sister. We are in a mission which is quite impossible to accomplish. We are going to my cousin's house to comfort her, to help ( how), to lend our ears,  to offer a shoulder to cry on,  even to cry together...She is not feeling well with chronic asthma and emotionally suffers because  her husband is having extra marital affair with another lady....(sign).. I am tired of looking for the answer of why this world is full with cruel people? I am tired. Really tired.


  1. Oucchh again...on what basis should I trust man at the moment...eventho not all but it's reflect them...pls tell her that's not the end of life...something good waiting for her in future...insyaallah ...

  2. Yeah..again..jemu dah membaca, mendengar, mengalami sendiri kisah man yang tak abis-abis mengejar cinta baru..

    I told her that it's not the end of the world but I know its not easy for her to swallow's painful.